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Imagem colorida horizontal dividida por uma linha reta ao meio. Parte esquerda em rosa claro, parte direita em azul claro. Ao centro, com cada metade sobre uma cor, fone de ouvido do tipo supra-auricular na cor rosa em tom mais claro do que o tom de rosa da metade do fundo com os fios de mesma cor descendo até a borda inferior da imagem.



Registration: September 21 – September 30, 2021

To be held: until November 30th 2021

Fees: US$ 148.00/person + US$ 97.00/episode (values may fluctuate due to exchange rate effects)


Proponents must present themselves in co-creation pairs composed of at least 1 (one) person with a disability.

Another objective of this Project is to foster the co-creation and dissemination of oral narratives and ethnographic reports linked to disability, which can deal with experiences lived around the rights of inclusion, research approaches, policy and justice involving family, care, philanthropic institutions and networks of activists from Brazil. In this line of action, 30 co-creators will act, including social workers, caregivers, health professionals, educators, activists, thinkers and researchers of disability, artists, among other agents - defiças and non-defiças - who will be invited to create scripts and record their episodes in the Portraits of Brazil with Disabilities podcast.

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