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Defiça Portrayals: 
A Brazilian Gaze on Disability

Curated by Nádia Meinerz and Bruno Belli Sinder.

November 22- 26, from 2 pm to 7 pm.

On Satellite Project Space, 121 Dundas St. London-Ontario, Canada.


Workshop with Jenelle Rouse, Cross Cultural Body-Movement Dance.

No music. No words. No sound. Yet, an intuitive exploration of how we create a shared language in our stories of different lived experiences with the incorporation of top four elements. November 22nd, 4 pm, with Jenelle Rouse (@dancer.multi.lens.existence). 

Limited Spots.

Our Team

Pamela Block; Nádia Meinerz; Bruno Belli Sinder; Paloma Figueiredo Terra; Lucas Besen; Mathew Resende; Giovanna Nicollau.

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