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Imagem horizontal em preto e branco. Sobre fundo branco vários pontos, traços e rabiscos em preto tipo grafite espalhados por tamanho. Maiores próximos de maiores, médios próximos de médios, menores próximos de menores, mas de forma irregular com grupos de cada tamanho espalhados entre grupos de outros tamanhos.



Format: Virtual

Image: 300dpi, .JPEG

Podcast: 40-60min, .WAV and MP3

We ask that the duos make and make available records of the co-creative process to assist in the mediation and dissemination of the project. We can even invite them to interviews, lives or other formats for sharing this creative stage.

For the participation in Portraits of Brazil with Disabilities, each person participating in the Duo-Co-creation will receive, for the development stage, the approximate amount of US$ 148.00, totaling US$ 296.00/duo. A budget will also be made available for the execution of the products in the approximate amount of US$ 97.00, per screenplay or portrait. Each pair can co-create only 1 (one) product, portrait or podcast.

The portraits must be sent via virtual means to the project email, in .JPEG format, high resolution and 300dpi. The recording and editing of the podcast episode must be performed in a studio or by a person with proven experience in sound editing. The episode must be delivered in .WAV and .MP3 versions, with 40min to 1 (one) hour long and the budget allocated for this stage of recording and editing is US$ 17.64/hour, per duo.

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