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Imagem colorida vertical. Área em cinza na parte inferior demarcada por linha reta horizontal. Sobre a linha, meio círculo amarelo escuro. Acima, área preenchida pela cor bege.



Format: Virtual

Images: Website, Instagram

Episodes: Spotfy, Website

The portraits will be audio described and the podcast episodes will be transcribed and made available on the website

To portray or create a podcast episode in this project is a fabrication process, that is, a practice of making images and making scripts, based on the collaborative experience between bodies with and without disabilities; or between different defiças experiences. In a shared and creative way, the image or the episode must emerge from the meeting, in which the participants propose to live together, within the co-creation proposal sent.

There will not be a curatorial evaluation about the aesthetic merit of the portraits, but rather a reflection on the co-creative value of the process that will generate the portrait. The same for the podcast episode. This project considers images and oral narratives from the point of view of Social Anthropology and the Disability Studies field and, therefore, believes in the power of staring - common to the act of portraying or watching a portrait - as a mediator of a “new seeing"; and the engaged meeting as a "new doing" art, together with bodies with disabilities. The exhibition is about all that and a few more things!

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