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Portrait in the dark

Groping in the darkness, we touch an object and create an image of it. As our attention shifts to another object, the image fades away, but it still remains in our memory until it dissolves bit by bit. The work "Portrait in the Dark" plays with the groping of images, sounds and dreams in an interactive way. It is a portrait of Angelo Beck, a blind person, and some of the objects of his daily life. Illustrated by Júlia Beck and with Ângelo's digital programing, this co-creation work takes the visitor to an experience from the perspective of visual impairment.

Co-creation: Ângelo Beck and Júlia Beck

Technique: Interactive art

Year: 2021

Formosa - Goiás | Marechal Deodoro - Alagoas | Brazil

The siblings Ângelo and Júlia were born in Florianópolis-SC, Brazil, both with Glaucoma. They grew up with a Waldorf education and an artist father, and therefore were surrounded by creative possibilities. Angelo had low vision in his childhood and due to an accident in his teens he became completely blind. Julia has a high degree of myopia and is gradually losing the vision in her left eye. Angelo plays the harmonica, guitar and keyboard; and Julia plays the transverse flute and guitar. Music and the arts in general have always been in our lives. We often exchange impressions, ideas, and critiques of our creative processes, and now it is interesting to materialize this in a co-creation proposal, a project together. Ângelo currently works at Itaú bank as a programmer, precisely in the accessibility sector. Júlia is a self-taught visual artist and works for the airline Eurowings.

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